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  1. Hardy Aln Bag
    Hardy Aln Bag
      Hardy Aln Bag Named for the River Aln where generations of the Hardy family fished. Two outside pockets and a detachable waterproof lining to main compartment....Details
  2. Vision Aqua Day Pack
    Vision Aqua Day Pack
    Vision Aqua Day Pack The updated dark green colored Aqua Day Pack is a totally waterproof backpack for your day trip to a fishing destination. It has a thinner and softer material than in the original previous generation. It has inner and outer mesh pockets for smaller items and an elastic nylon string outside. You can easily expand this bag by attaching our Love Handles, Mycket Bra or Mini B...Details
  3. Vision wader Bag
    Vision wader Bag
    Vision wader Bag Wader bag Our innovative wader bag is combined with a car seat cover which can be also used when changing into waders. The mesh made top enables your wet waders and shoes to dry while stored in the bag. V5303 Size: 17.5” by 11.8” by 12.6” overall...Details
  4. Vision Hard Gear Bag
    Vision Hard Gear Bag
    Vision Hard Gear Bag   Hard Gear Bag This bag is a real multi-purpose bag for the enthusiastic fly fisherman. It can be used as a spacious reel bag, accommodating a big bunch of differently sized fly reels but thanks to its genius inner wall system you can modify it as you like, according to your needs. In addition to reels you can make a supportive space for your digital SLR or video cam...Details
  5. Vision Love Handles
    Vision Love Handles
    Vision Love Handles Love handels: join the army This practically designed bag got new colors. It is not only a traditional belt bag but you can also use it at chest height as it has an adjustable neck cord. There are two plastic clips that can be used to attach the bag onto our waders’ D-loops or to the front of our Aquapack. This bag is wide enough on the sides to give you support wit...Details
  6. Vision Mycket Bra
    Vision Mycket Bra
    Vision Mycket Bra Mycket Bra: join the army One of our biggest hits for several years running got new colors. Our Mycket Bra proved that the truly functional chest pack is very practical for most situations and is here to stay. The Mycket Bra chest pack has important features like easy use pockets positioned in the centre of the chest to maintain freedom of movement. The height of the pack ca...Details
  7. Vision Mega Bra
    Vision Mega Bra
    Vision Mega Bra Mega Bra: join the army The big sister of the family got new colors. Suitable for all of us who appreciate volume, beauty and functionality. A cross-breed between a fly fishing vest, a chest pack and a small day pack. Mega Bra has six zipper pockets in front, two inside and one in the back. Additionally, it has five mesh pockets and one large expandable rear pocket roomy eno...Details
  8. Vision Mini Bra
    Vision Mini Bra
    Vision Mini Bra Mini Bra: join the army Small in size, but big enough for the day’s flies and accessories. We gave it new colors. The main compartment takes one big fly box and the smaller compartment accommodates a small box or plenty of tippets, leaders and other accessories. The front mesh pocket is handy for items, which have to be easily reachable. Neck and back straps can be rem...Details
  9. Fishpond Westwater Guide Lumbar Pack
    Fishpond Westwater Guide Lumbar Pack
    Fishpond Westwater Guide Lumbar Pack Feel the need to carry everything to the water but the kitchen sink? Well then you might just be a fly-fishing guide, or at least a very well-prepared angler. It's certain you are going to catch fish, but not so much that you'll have room for all that kit, and that your flies, tools, and accessories will stay dry....Details
  10. Fishpond Summit Sling
    Fishpond Summit Sling
    The most comfortable, durable, and design rich sling available....anywhere. With our recycled fishing net nylon material, you can wear this pack knowing you are making a difference to help keep our planet healthy. • Includes our patented and signature moulded drop down fly/cargo bench with outside velcro for fly foam attachment...Details
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